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About Estacom Pty Ltd

Home Care, Personal Care, Vehicle Care, Domestic Detergents, Disinfectants and more..

About Our Products

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Easy to Shop

Get your new favorite household brand delivered to your door.


Our products are environmentally friendly and have not been animal tested.

Skin Contact Safe

Our personal care ranges have been fully tested and approved to be used on skin.

Your new household favorite.

The products produced and manufactured by Estacom Pty Ltd, aims to be the South African household favorite.

70% liquid hand sanitizer | Estacom Pty Ltd | Green label

Manufacturing Products Since 2015.

This business was developed on the basis of job creation to enhance female empowerment. To produce/deliver products of the highest standards. Our objective is to preserve sustainability 100% locally sourced and manufactured products.

With this in mind, we developed value for money products.

Social responsibility

Exceptional product manufacturing

Exceptional service delivery

Exceptionally advanced operations

Exceptional professionalism and ambiance

Exceptional long-term consumer relations and conviction

What started as a small company for job creation, unemployment & financial independence, has now grown into something bigger and better and we plan to better it in each industry.

Estacom was rewarded packaging tenders for the Department of Health and further expanded into various avenues of business such as producing and manufacturing purified reverse osmosis bottled water and now household cleaning detergent products and we continue to build our product list in 2020.

Putting our customers first.

Estacom is 110% consumer orientated and consumer driven. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs and measure consumer gratification levels in order to determine our levels of success.

Meet Our Employees

The team that makes up Estacom Pty Ltd.





Estacom Pty Ltd




Product Director


Community Leader


Sales & Marketing Director

Why Choose Our Products

Estacom Pty Ltd has reached several milestones from the time it has launched in 2015. With the drought that happened in the Western Cape, Estacom Pty Ltd had supplied a numerous amount of bottled water with the contributions of many pledged donors and could help a vast amount of people. With the increase in demand and supply of our products, we continue to expand.

The quality of our various products, as well as customer satisfaction and competitive drive, allows our company to be prominent and conspicuous in our field of manufacturing goods & consumables.

Consumable Products

Our consumable products are tested once a year, for our customers to know that our products may not harm them in any way.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

This ensures that each and every batch produced adheres to strict quality control measures and uniform in nature and every drop delvers the quality you will need for both large and small applications


52% Black female ownership.

Company registered on treasury CSD.

Current contract with National DOH.

Registered for VAT.

Current and valid Tax Clearance.

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