About Us

In 2015, we all came together as a team, a family. To be a part of those who bridge the gap between unemployment, quality products & affordability.

Estacom (Pty)

Estacom (Pty) Ltd , situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng, is an innovative enterprise, manufacturing a range of products.

B-BBEE Level 1

52% Black female ownership.
Company registered on treasury CSD.
Current contract with National DOH.
Registered for VAT.
Current and valid Tax Clearance.


Our areas of expertise includes manufacturing, performance integrity that emanates from employee satisfaction and motivation. Our staff is dedicated to providing excellent service

Our story

Our Values

As a team, we came together looking into the needs of the consumer. We looked at multiple factors rendering customer buying decisions – Quality & Price.

With this in mind, we developed value for money products.

Social responsibility
Exceptional product manufacturing
Exceptional service delivery
Exceptionally advanced operations
Exceptional professionalism and ambiance
Exceptional long-term consumer relations and conviction

Our Objectives

This business was developed on the basis of job creation to enhance female empowerment. To produce/deliver products of the highest standards. Our objective is to preserve sustainability 100% locally sourced and manufactured products.

What started as a small company for job creation, unemployment & financial independence, has now grown into something bigger and better and we plan to better it with each passing day.

Estacom was rewarded packaging tenders for the Department of Health and further expanded into various avenues of business such as producing and manufacturing purified reverse osmosis bottled water and now household cleaning detergent products.

What started as a few members working day and night to perfect our brand we now have over 30 members and will continue to grow.

With dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm, and commitment from staff members, our company has grown from strength to strength. Believing truly means succeeding.

Estacom is 110% consumer orientated and consumer driven. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs and measure consumer gratification levels in order to determine our levels of success.

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.” – Ray Kroc

Estacom has reached several milestones from the time it has launched in 2015. With the drought that has been an ongoing tourment in the Western Cape, Estacom has supplied a numerous amount of bottled water with the contributions of many pledged donors and could help a vast amount of people. With the increase in demand and supply of our products, we do plan to expand into opening a second branch. “Watch this space” 🙂

The quality of our various products, as well as customer satisfaction and competitive drive, allows our company to be prominent and conspicuous.

After countless amounts of time, days & years of waiting for a better job opportunity and getting paid to do quality work. We realized that opportunities won't knock until we build the door. After months of back and forth ideas, we finally started the business for ourselves, our families and our future consumers. We knew from day one that if we were to go into pioneering concepts, we would have to make quality. ​
Laylaa Hassen