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Diesel Max Enhancer

Diesel Max Enhancer


Diesel Max Improves system cleanliness

DIESEL MAX is a phenomenal product which improves system cleanliness in diesel injected systems in order to promote improved atomization and hence improve combustion of diesel fuel.


  • DIESEL MAX  provides additional top cylinder lubrication.
  • DIESEL MAX  is very easy to use-just add 50 milliliters per 50 liters of diesel into the fuel tank.
  • DIESEL MAX  cleans fuel tank, fuel lines, and assists in maintaining clean injectors.
  • DIESEL MAX  ensures an open automisation pattern which gives the finest fuel spray.
  • DIESEL MAX  stabilises fuel and reduces smoke emissions which, in turn, saves the environment
  • DIESEL MAX  is economical

It can save you up to 20% on diesel consumption. Average 15%!


Diesel Max can be used in:

  • Light, medium and heavy duty trucks, agricultural diesel vehicles and equipment
  • Light delivery vehicles, passenger vehicles, sports utility vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles
  • Heavy earthmoving and mining equipment
  • Stationery diesel units such as generator sets etc.


Recommended Dilutions

DIESEL MAX should be diluted at 1-in-1000 or 50 milliliters for every 50 litres of diesel. It can also be added in the correct ratio to on-site bowers and diesel storage tanks.

Case study – Truck yard with 20 trucks


  • Truck tank size= 500litres
  • Price of Diesel= R11.00per litre
  • Truck fills up daily, or 30 times per month


  • 500 litres x R11.00 = R5 500 per day= R165 000.00 per month.
  • R165 000.00 x 20 trucks= R3 300 000.00 per month
  • Quantity of Diesel Max for all 20 trucks= 300 litres.

Savings @ 15% (avg savings, results may vary)


DIESEL MAX for Diesel tanks only.

Shelf Life & Storage

DIESEL MAX will be stable for up to 12 months when stored between 10°C- 38°C, away from direct sunlight. After 12moths, we recommend checking the Certificate of Analysis parameters to ensure product fitness for use.