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As the country was hit with COVID-19 (Corona Virus), many of the places of worship had to be closed during the lockdown in South Africa. A country known for its rich culture and religion.

As level 3 will see more movement, and places of worship will begin to open its doors, Estacom has made donations to local places of worship.

Estacom Pty (Ltd) has donated:

4x 5 liters of the Kleen & Care Tri-action including 2x bottles of 100ml Kleen & Care hand sanitizer was donated to the Westbury masjid in Johannesburg.

2x 5 Litres Kleen & Care Gel hand sanitizer has been donated to the Newlands Masjid in Johannesburg.

Estacom Pty (Ltd) cares about its community and knows that places of worship are important to its community.