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Surface Disinfectant

kleen & care surface disinfectant 50ml and 500ml

Kleen & Care’s surface disinfectant has been newly released by Estacom Pty Ltd in order to assist in keeping your businesses and homes safe & clean for your families during and after COVID-19 (Corona Virus).

Kleen & Cares Surface Disinfectant is a locally produced product in South Africa and can be trusted by its users. It has an anti-septic agent that targets only specific classes of bacteria


Surfaces that can be cleaned :

Laptop, Television, Printers, Cellphone, Telephone, House phone etc. Things that you touch on a daily bases.

How effective is Kleen & Care Surface Disinfectant:

In many ways, the chemicals inside the disinfectant is effective like antibiotics against bacteria, but unlike an antibiotic it is also effective against virtually all bacteria & fungi. Kleen & Care’s Surface Disinfectant works in 20 seconds and lasts much longer.

How can I help ensure the Kleen & Care Surface Disinfectant is used safely?

Although reactions are rare, they can happen. It is important that you report any changes you or someone else might be experiencing. For example, if you are  experiencing skin irritations or redness, relay the information to a healthcare worker immediately.

Kleen & Care Surface Disinfectant bulk pack

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